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Warnings and tips


In order to get the anti-slip finish, we have to increase the micro-rugosity of the tiles surface. This process is also increasing the degree of maintenance and cleaning of the mosaic tiles. 

Traditional VITROGRES mosaic tiles have an anti-slip degree (Class 2 according to CTE) which seems to be enough for many uses. 

It is only required to use Class 3 materials according to the Technical Code of Building (CTE) in very specific uses, where you should use VITROGRES ANTI-SLIP. 

Let our Technical Department advise you on the most appropriate finish according to the use and degree of maintenance.


Some colours and collections include a warning about the fact that the achieved effect is obtained through some random and controlled colour differences, as is the case of shaded effects, vibrated effects, etc. 

Other colours and collections look for the best uniformity in the colour possible. Nevertheless, as we are talking about glass mosaic tiles and due to the manufacturing process itself and the amount of tiles, it is not possible to fully guarantee uniformity. 

On the other hand, there are some differences depending on the manufacturing batch, which is always identifying VITROGRES mosaic tiles. 


Matt finish, due to its natural composition and vitrification at lower temperatures, is more sensitive to blows both before and after being laid on the wall or floor, so you will possibly find a small percentage of dull tiles.


Due to the manufacturing system of the product, there is a percentage typical of the features of mosaic tiles of irregularities in the dimensions of the tiles, their alignment and colour uniformity. In certain sizes, such as 15x15 and 8x8, this irregularity percentage is higher.

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