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Vitrogres tiene una solución para cada necesidad, uso, o problema técnico.

Estas son algunas de nuestras propuestas. Ante cualquier consulta, no dudes en contactarnos.
Anti-Slip Técnico.

La seguridad en el pavimento es un factor que adquiere cada vez mayor importancia.

La necesidad de evitar resbalones y caídas es imperativa, en especial en los lugares donde el pavimento puede estar mojado (en exteriores, piscinas, etc.) o pueda haber grasas u otros elementos que faciliten el resbalamiento (cocinas industriales).

La sociedad, demanda cada vez más calidad en los edificios y en los espacios urbanos. Esta demanda de una mayor calidad de la edificación responde a una concepción más exigente de lo que implica la calidad de vida para todos los ciudadanos en lo referente al uso del medio construido.

Mikra. Maximum definition.

MIKRA is the smallest glass mosaic size and is ideal to get the maximum definition when reproducing images with mosaic tiles. The best example of the possibilities of this size is the CONSTELACIONES project by DANIEL CANOGAR:


It is a public permanent installation made on a domed ceiling of two pedentrian bridges crossing the Manzanares river in Madrid. It total it is made up of more than 6.5 million tiles of MIKRA series. These two colosal murals photographically represent neighbours of the two districts joined by the bridges.



Aqua Swimming-pool.


​​The use of Vitrogres glass mocaic tiles finds one of its most beautiful and practical applications to cover and decorate water areas: swimming-pools, spas and bathrooms. 

These are the best spaces to appreciate its resistance, hygienic properties and the use of anti-slip flooring. 

Time, chemicals and living organisms do not leave any trace on this non-porous material. If you are looking for exclusive and unique decorations, pay attention to what is going to make the difference: Vitrogres, unique swimming-pools.




Frequently asked questions and reasons to choose VITROGRES.


Application possibilities and differences of our mosaic tiles.

Solutions for every use or location.



Restaurants, hospitals, hotels, sports centres... Our mosaic tiles are ideal to be used for any application or location.


We explain you why and propose models and ideas for every case.

Solutions for your gradations.


The aesthetical result of a gradation is really impressive. Nevertheless, sometimes there are some doubts about its purchase and lay-out, which seem difficult. 

But Vitrogres has a solution for this: 

- Drawing creation and adaptation of the gradation. You only have to tell us the measures and the gradation model you want and we will prepare it for you.

- Order simplicity: you only must buy those levels and quantity you like and need. With Vitrogres, you will never have to buy the whole gradation module to adapt it by yourself.


No more doubts. Get in touch.

SHAPE + COLOUR + CUSTOMIZATION. The made to measure mosaic


This is VITROGRES' difference.


Our customization capacity, our range of colours and sizes, the technical quality of our tiles and our outstanding service. 

VitroLAB. R+D+i.



At Vitrogres we are always working on the continuous improvement of the quality of our products and service.


This is why we develop, through our VitroLAB project, new designs, products and we research on innovation in mosaic tiles.

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