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Daniel Canogar

Born in Madrid in 1964, Daniel Canogar graduated in 1987 in Sciences of the Image at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. We was then living in New York for two years, where he completed a Masters Degree in Art, specializing in Photography, at the New York University. Canogar's work is based on a half-way point between humanism and science, exploring the way in which our senses adapt to the new electronic time space and its continuous technological progress. The central axis of his works pass through photography, where he uses different translucid supports such as optic fiber cables or methacrylate to shape his installations with a high degree of plastic creativity. At the beginning of the 80s, he started exhibiting his works, but his first individual exhibition took place in 1985 at the Aele Gallery in Madrid. From that moment on his work gained high value and international interest, exhibiting in some of the most prestigious art centres in the world.

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