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Michele Corbani and Andrea Spada, architect and industrial designer, both graduates of the politechnical school of Milan, after several experiences in prestigious architecture and design studios in Milan, continue with their professional career in Spain, where they have been cooperating with important design studios in Madrid for ten years. In 2009 the founded ILMIODESIGN.

ILMIODESIGN could be defined as a new creative concept devoted to the world of design in all its versions, with a multidisciplinary team ocassionally incorporating other professional, which allowed them to experiment with different creation methodologies and processes, giving solution to the collective concerns related to Architecture, interior design and industrial and graphic design.

ILMIODESIGN is a network that, thanks to the new IT technologies, is able to be currently present in Madrid, Milan and Pamplona. Their collaborators work from different European cities, contributing their continuous professional and personal experiences and enriching the way of work and solving each challenge with a result of a high capacity to adapt to the demands of the project and the customer in every stage of the project.

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