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Heva* Design

Heva* is an architecture and design studio founded in 2008 by the architects Helia de San Nicolás and Vanessa Molina defending the multidisciplinary character of architecture and aiming at getting high quality results beyond the scale or final goal of each work. This is why our studio designs and realizes architectonic pieces of an inedit nature. From the very beginning, Heva * has been making a bet for the sinergy of two apparently divergent sectors, such as architecture and fashion, to make them converge in beautiful and innovative creations conceived at a small scale. In this sense, appart from building and interior design, Heva * designs headdresses and women's accessories applying the methodology of architectural processes to the design of accessories, but they also use industrial materials in combination with other more linked to the fashion industry (textiles, etc.). Results could not be more innovative or stimulating, because they arise from the enriching interaction of traditionally distant industries, such as construction and fashion. In this sense, Heva's* designs are a clear example showing that such a collaboration is not only possible, but their results are surprising and enriching in the field of design.


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