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Reasons to choose VITROGRES

Quality reasons, assortment, design, innovation, possibilities to use. All the reasons to choose VITROGRES.


What's the difference between VITROGRES mosaic tiles and the other brands in the market?

VITROGRES is the most perfectly-shaped mosaic in the market. Our tiles are flat and perfectly square in their vortix. Besides, VITROGRES' joint is the thinnest because we want the tiles to be protagonists, not the joints. We use first-quality glass as our raw material and this is why our tiles don't have any spot, pinholes or imperfections on the surface.



We also use only the best systems and products in the market to sheet our tiles.



Also the range of sizes, colours and finishes is the widest in the market.



Our production systema allows us making all kinds of mixtures, customizations and designs with a fast delivery service and convenient and efficient logistics.


Are VITROGRES mosaic tiles resistant outdoors? 

Yes, they are, VITROGRES perfectly withstands sunlight, rain and extreme heat or cold. 


It is also resistant to suddent temperature changes (thermal shock).


Do VITROGRES mosaic tiles loose their colour with the passage of time? 


No they don't, VITROGRES endures time, even with the most adverse weather conditions. Its shape, texture or colour don't change.


Is any type of glue cement suitable for VITROGRES mosaic tiles?

No, it's not. Due to the glass nature of the product, VITROGRES' absorption is null. We strongly recommend to use a specific glue ccement for zero absorption products. We recommend glue cements meeting EN I2004 and EN I2002 C2TESI standards.


Which kind of grouting cement is recommended to grout VITROGRES mosaic tiles?

We recommend grouting cements with cement base for thin joints without arid components, soft, damp-proof and anti-spot meeting UNE-EN 13888 CG2W standards. Besides, every grouting cements manufacturers have coloured grouting cements among their ranges.


Where is the use of VITROGRES mosaic tiles recommended?


It is recommended to cover any kind of surface. Swimming-pools, façades and, of course, any indoor work. Due to the specifications of glass, it is a product with null absorption and totally inalterable with the passage of time.



Do VITROGRES mosaic tiles guarantee watertightness or waterproofing in swimming-pools, façades or showers? 

No, they don't. Waterproofing should be a step previous to the application of VITROGRES. Nevertheless, the combined use of a base waterproofing product, waterproof cement and damp-proof grouting cement allows building an isolating barrier which is totally safe.


Are VITROGRES mosaic tiles suitable as flooring?

We recommend to use a cement-based grouting cement for thin joints without arid components, soft and damp-proof and yes, VITROGRES is suitable as flooring.


Are VITROGRES mosaic tiles scratched when used as flooring?

No, they aren't. VITROGRES resists without any change the passage of people, even in high-transit public areas. Our mosaic tiles are resistant to superficial and deep abrassion.

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