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This is an assortment of the most typical mixtures and colours used for pools and AQUA areas.

This assortment includes plain, shaded, matt, pearled and mixtures.  Both 25x25 and 40x40 sizes are presented. Any of these examples may be produced in other sizes.



This is only an assortment of the most typical colours to cover any need and combination when the use of TECHNICAL ANTI-SLIP tiles is required (Class 3 according to standard UNE-ENV 12633:2003 used in the Technical Code of Building).


Almost every colour and size may be produced in this finish under request.

This is only an assortment of the mostly marketed options for pools and water areas.

Being VITROGRES a clear specialist in this field, you can always create your own customized swimming-pool in black or red colour, round size, etc. with innovative and gorgeous results.

And, of course, you may easily create your own customized AQUA mixture.

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